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Supply Chain Management

Utilizing a team approach we can help you identify the hidden cost and develop a long-term strategy that Reduces Cost, Streamlines.


Our newest development GreenLeedit introduces Green and Environmental Friendly Products and Strategies into the Industrial and Manufacturing Community.

Buying a Tree direct from the farm is not always the lowest cost solution. Utilizing a ‘Category Killer’ has proven to be more costly than the Benefit. What is the Right blended Strategy for You?

Supply Chain Strategies are a core part to accomplishing your MRO objectives.

Typical programs failed to achieve targeted results because primary objectives are unsupported and are flawed from the beginning. Supply Chain Management requires a more Alliance Approach where win-win relationships between Customers ant the Supply Community shape an interdependent partnership.

Sourcing decisions and procurement strategies are based on less than 10% of active items yet they tend to drive the primary procurement and supply chain strategies in MRO.  For these items Demand Forecasting is predictable and relatively safe and when applied to the balance of the items can produce results where effort and cost exceed the benefits of the program.

At the VMGroup our methodology has a statistical foundation, but more over targets and provides solutions for the whole from item set up to suppler performance that is centered in reliability and performance objectives.